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ta_logs_diagnostics and Linux

I have just installed 2.99.46 with patches on a Slackware Linux system
and had a problem relating to the ta_logs_diagnostics in the transport
agent library.

The installation was fine and everything worked until there was a problem
delivering mail.  If the transport agents could not deliver mail then no 
error mail messages were being generated.  This led to me the
ta_logs_diagnostics variable in transports/libta/diagnostic.c.

I think I see what this is meant to do and I have read the comments in
README.UPGRADING (though this was a clean install).  However I cannot error
report to work unless I set the variable to 0.  

I don't think this is a huge problem to me but am wondering if I have got
something wrong -- 2.99.43 on my local Sun works fine (:-).