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Re: Policy based filtering

> Dear ZMailers,
> I've implemented the policy based filtering in smtpserver.
> The modified C sources, context diffs, and configuration files
> are in ftp://ftp.sztaki.hu/pub/private/kissg/zmailer/
> The patched ZMaler version is 2.99.45.
> It is running in a Solaris 2.5 environment without any problems
> for almost 5 hours. :-)

	Interesting bits.  You don't say it directly, but
	I get an implication from the diffs that you run
	router (albeit in 'server' mode) for each smtp-
	session now, and that each incoming address is run
	through that combined server...

	Which way ever, I am going for home at least once this
	week before midnight.  Back tomorrow.

> Regards
> Gabor

	/Matti Aarnio