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2.99.45 router core dump

We are trying to get 2.99.45 running on Linux system (debian 1.1 with
kernel 2.0.28), all previous zmailer experience being with the UofT

The router almost immediately dumps core on the following message:

to csuite-tech-approval@csuite.chebucto.ns.ca
from Majordomo-Owner@csuite.chebucto.ns.ca
To: csuite-tech-approval@csuite.chebucto.ns.ca
From: majordomo@csuite.chebucto.ns.ca
Subject: APPROVE csuite-tech
Reply-To: majordomo@csuite.chebucto.ns.ca


David Trueman <david@cs.dal.ca> requests that you approve the following:

        subscribe csuite-tech David Trueman <david@cs.dal.ca>

If you approve, please send a message such as the following back to
majordomo@csuite.chebucto.ns.ca (with the appropriate PASSWORD filled in,
of cou

        approve PASSWORD subscribe csuite-tech David Trueman

If you disapprove, do nothing.



The traceback from gdb follows:

#0  find_errto (info=0x0) at rfc822.c:2171
2171            if (STRING(info))
(gdb) bt
#0  find_errto (info=0x0) at rfc822.c:2171
#1  0x800ec42 in sequencer (e=0x804df70, file=0x80653d4 "481324-10257")
    at rfc822.c:1680
#2  0x800b666 in run_rfc822 (argc=2, argv=0x80653e4) at rfc822.c:158
#3  0x80269e3 in execute (c=0xbfffec50, caller=0xbffff580, oretcode=0,
    name=0x803d326 "rfc822") at execute.c:394
#4  0x801a4b2 in runcommand (c=0xbfffec50, pc=0xbffff580,
    at interpret.c:686
#5  0x801c10b in interpret (code=0x8077c60 "\r", eocode=0x8077f73 "\016H",
    entry=0x8077c6f "2#file", caller=0xbffff580, retcodep=0xbffff57c,
    cdp=0x80714cc) at interpret.c:1638
#6  0x801e266 in lapply (fname=0x803d32d "process", l=0x804df40)
    at interpret.c:2594
#7  0x801e31b in apply (argc=2, argv=0xbffff874) at interpret.c:2618
#8  0x800a1da in s_apply (argc=2, argv=0xbffff874) at shliaise.c:45
#9  0x8005038 in rd_doit (filename=0x8078bc2 "481324-7382", dirs=0x8055f3c
    at functions.c:660
#10 0x80052a7 in rd_stability (dirp=0x8079bb8, dirs=0x8055f3c "")
    at functions.c:746
#11 0x800569f in run_daemon (argc=1, argv=0xbffffd98) at functions.c:913
#12 0x8002e7f in main (argc=3, argv=0xbffffe08) at router.c:301
#13 0x8002654 in _start ()
#14 0x32fa2626 in _malloc_statsbuf ()
#15 0x4f9b800 in ?? ()
Cannot access memory at address 0x1408.
(gdb) up
#1  0x800ec42 in sequencer (e=0x804df70, file=0x80653d4 "481324-10257")
    at rfc822.c:1680
1680                            errto = find_errto(gg);   /* Possible
'ERR' valu
e */

I would appreciate any hints on how to go about tracking down the problem,
having never debugged a newer zmailer (and not having done a UofT one
in a long time).

Thanks in advance,
  David Trueman,
    Systems Manager, Dalhousie Math, Stats and Computing Science
    Technical Chair, Chebucto Community Net