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No Subject

I have a problem whith list expansion in zmailer 2.99.44 (idem .45)
I checked the list file protection and that the owner is trusted.
Zmailer is running on a SUN Ultra with Solaris 2.5.1. 
Any clue? Thanks . 

z# router deug-a-caen-84
<.interactive@gaston.pivoine.septgie.fr>: address: deug-a-caen-84
Usage: listexpand [ -e error-address ] [ -E errors-to-address ] [-p privilege] [ -c comment ] [ -N notarystring ] $attribute $localpart $origaddr < /file/path 
((error expansion '":include:/opt/local/mail/lists/deug-a-caen-84"'))

Jean-Luc Tardivel