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	The much awaited set of patches is now available as:


	This time I have made effort at getting NOTARY DSN mechanism
	in properly.   I am not entirely happy with it yet, but as a
	first cut it is all right.

	The biggest thing I have been wanting is correct report of
	"Original-Recipient:" -address, and now it is generated also
	for expanded lists (when using 'listexpand' function).
	(Feature implementation depends on what I am asked to do at
	 Telecom Finland -- including a change that I don't touch on
	 ZMailer for a while at all..)
	(.. which I doubt, because I just installed it into one server
	 here where its task is to be "The Bulk-MTA" :-)   It also does
	 mean I have to write up some documents on how to feed & care
	 for it. )

/Matti Aarnio