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Re: Content-Length: header ?

> Hi all,
> I'm just compiling elm2.4ME+26 - it asked:
> Honors Content-Length: header? [n] 
> I saw no Content-Length string in output of 
> $MAILBIN/scheduler $MAILBIN/ta/mailbox $MAILBIN/ta/sm
> Does it mean zmailer (version 2.97 by us) doesn't support Content-Length
> header ? If so, why ?

	It does mean that.

	I have several reasons:
	- it wasn't at the original system
	- it is damn difficult to get right at one pass output
	- fixing it latter AFTER the body has been produced is possible,
	  but requires space reservation, and can only be done at mailboxes
	  (ok, perhaps at files too, but not at pipes!)
	- folder editing is bound to break the body size anyway
	  (if not when the message was at mailbox, then latter
	   when it was moved to some folder..)

	As it happens, I have been talking about email at my new work
	(email was one of the reasons why I was hired), and we are
	considering about adding it in.  (We talk also wether to use
	sendmail or zmailer; zmailer needs up to specs DSN facility
	to be applicable for all uses.)

	Legalities of publishing code that I write for my employer
	has not been solved yet -- that damn red tape..  And frankly
	I can't rewrite the same code at home from memory -- I am
	tainted source, after all...

> Thanks.
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