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Problems receiving mail

I have a machine that I have installed zmailer-2.99.25 on, and I am
having some trouble receiving mail. Outgoing mail seems to be fine.
The smtpserver correctly receives the mail, but the router is having
some problems with the incoming address. I get the following messages
in the router log:

<3200D0AF.7D4C@ix.netcom.com>: address: dgdelage@ix.netcom.com
<3200D0AF.7D4C@ix.netcom.com>: file: 10238-820
<dgdelage@ix.netcom.com> => <details@ethical.com>
<3200D0AF.7D4C@ix.netcom.com>: address: details@ethical.com
<3200D0AF.7D4C@ix.netcom.com>: recipient: smtp ethical.com details@ethical.com
<3200D0AF.7D4C@ix.netcom.com>: info: uid 2 gid 101 size 783
headersize 530 bodysize 253 now 838914521 delay 9 resent no trusted
yes external external rcvdfrom dfw-ix3.ix.netcom.com ([])
with SMTP authinfo UNKNOWN@dfw-ix3.ix.netcom.com (port 12811) 

I also get the following from mailq:

        10238-820: smtp; 500 (nameserver data inconsistency. No MX,
        no address: 'ethical.com', errno=Unknown error) (retry in
        21m51s, expires in 2d18h, tries=6)
The machine that received the mail is also the mail server for the

I have been spending most of today trying to learn exactly how the
configuration scripts are processing the headers, but I have not
gotten very far. Does anyone know of any detailed information that
discusses the operation of the config scripts? I have the zmog.doc
file, and that gives some good clues, but there seems to be pieces 
missing at times.

Does anyone have a few moments to jot down some ideas of what could
be wrong so that I can check them out?

Gerard Hickey, hickey@ctron.com, +1 603 337 7391/+1 603 337 7534 (fax)
   Cabletron Systems, 36 Industrial Way, Rochester, NH USA  03867
	      Mi lernas esperanton. Parolu al mi.