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zmailer-2.99.29, and autoconfig ...


	Yes, yet another source dump is available.

	This one actually works at Linux, although it
	still is unable to run  $MAILBIN/newaliases -script
	(beats me, why..  mkdir /some/path  gives non-zero
	 return code while in script, but same command works
	 at interactive shell :-( )

	There are also some difficulties at detecting the
	ndbm libraries that are integrated at the system
	shared libc ..  (DEC OSF/1, and Sun Solaris 2.5).
	Or perhaps the report just confused me..  it SHOULD
	have said: 'at libc', it said 'at nowhere', and
	those are texts I wrote in..

	At Solaris 2.5 the  ./configure  gives following
	lines just before it groaks, because it can't
	figure out the DNS resolver.

checking for -lnsl... yes
need -lsocket and -lnsl together
checking _res without -lresolv... no
checking -lresolv... configure: error: need resolver _res global but not in -lresolv; giving up

	Any suggestions ?

	I am curious also to receive success reports about
	getting 1) configuration to work, 2) to get things
	really running.  I will be happy about the first
	at first, especially AIX interests me.

	Tomorrow morning I will go to sea (archipelago) with
	my friend at a 30 feet long sail-boat.  I won't take
	modems with me (nor GSM will be active), but I think I
	will get the laptop with me, and continue hacking..
	(I just dumped my sources from the laptop to you, so
	 even loosing that machine is no catastrophe..)
	We should be back by monday.

/Matti Aarnio <mea@utu.fi> <mea@nic.funet.fi>