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Re: Help sorting this out!

> Hello All.  I'm trying to get zmailer to work for me, but I am
> having a number of problems too many to enumerate now.  But here's
> the lay of the land here:
> Domain:	si-star.com
> si-star1.si-star.com	- Linux box running zmailer
> si-star2.si-star.com	- OS/2 box running smtp receiver by Jason Fesler
> bbs.si-star.com		- Alias for OS/2 box.
> Anyway, it seems I have the stuff set for local mail on si-star1, but 
> incoming messages from another domain to si-star.com are getting bounced,
> and messages addressed to si-star2.si-star.com are getting readdressed to
> si-star2.si-star.com.si-star.com which of course ends up getting bounced, 
> and example of which follows this message. 

   All alternate names for the local host must be listed at
   the   $MAILVAR/db/localnames  -database.
   That means, in addition to "si-star1.si-star.com", there
   must be an entry for "si-star.com" as well.

   A quick lookup of the DNS tells me:

$ dig mx si-star1.si-star.com
; <<>> DiG 2.1 <<>> mx si-star1.si-star.com
si-star1.si-star.com.   259200  MX      10 si-star1.si-star.com.si-star.com.

   It looks like somebody who wrote the MX entry did not add trailing
   dot (".") at the end of the name, and thus current $ORIGIN got appended.
   Correct formats for the entry are:
	si-star1	IN MX	10 si-star1
			IN A

	si-star.si-star.com.	IN MX 10  si-star1.si-star.com.
				IN A

> I would *really* appreciate some help figuring out how to define the 
> machines to zmailer via localnames, routes, and/or dns.  This is getting
> frustrating.

	Yep, check your DNS datasets at first.

> Thanks in advance for your reply!
> Radi

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>