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Re: Getting zmailer to run (part of) its queue Right Now?

> I've installed zmailer and am reasonably happy with it.  With a bit
> more tuning, I expect I'll be really happy :)
> One thing I want to tune is to try to deliver all mail for a certain
> domain, all mail which can be routed through a certain host, or simply
> all mail right now.  Any of the three would make me slightly happy,
> number two would make me really happy.

	Number one is fairly simple to do, however if the scheduler
	has all resources already in use, it won't be able to do that
	anyway...   Hopefully your system is not THAT loaded.

	"routed thru certain host" is imprecise thing to ask for;
	do you want all email thru   bsmtp3/finfiles  be run, or
	do you want all targets be checked for their possible MXes
	(if the channel happens to use MXes -- scheduler does not
	 know it), and all target systems that run thru some MX-host
	are to be scheduled ?

	Scheduling ALL threads is also possible, however with perhaps
	300 threads in system, and max 50 running at the same time
	that might take a bit of time..  (This is common case at
	nic.funet.fi -- though I run 150 threads..)

> I think I've heard of a new SMTP command to do some of this, ETRN,
> too, but can't find a reference to it now.  Does anyone know what's up
> with it?

	I have been playing with an idea of how to do "TURNME", but
	I equip it with explicite host identifier..  Something like:

	220 nic.funet.fi ... ESMTP ...
	EHLO foo.bar
	250 ...
	TURNME foo.bar
	250 TURNME request submitted

> --Arnt

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi> <mea@utu.fi>