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Re: anonymous mail from Netscape

Scott Schwartz <schwartz@galapagos.cse.psu.edu>
> This isn't a netscape thing: anyone can always fill in whatever address
> they want.  SMTP has no built in authentication mechanism, by design.

But there's draft-myers-smtp-auth-02.txt, which may someday matter.

  A Revised Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts 
         Title     : SMTP Service Extension for Authentication               
         Author(s) : J. Myers
         Filename  : draft-myers-smtp-auth-02.txt
         Pages     : 7
         Date      : 01/24/1996
  This document defines an extension to the SMTP service whereby an SMTP 
  client may indicate an authentication mechanism to the server, perform an 
  authentication protocol exchange, and optionally negotiate a protection 
  mechanism for subsequent protocol interactions.  This extension is a 
  profile of the Simple Authentication and Session Layer [SASL].  A mechanism
  is also provided for a client to transfer envelope authentication of 
  individual messages.                                                       

Can't be used in the general case I assume, but if I can configure
procmail to know things about my regular correspondents, that's a long
way for me.