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Re: Talking with myself...

On Sun, 31 Dec 1995, David Nugent wrote:

> Our ISP box has a troublesome user. Well, the user isn't troublesome,
> their Windows '95 configuration is. :) In any case, that problem brought
> to light a secondary problem I'm seeing with zmailer. We're running
> version 2.99.21 with a fairly stock router configuration. 
> The problem at the user end is misconfiguration of their DNS searching.
> Our domain's (blaze.net.au) DNS is at, but the user is
> having some difficulty getting that set up (I know how to do it, the
> problem is explaining how to get this poor woman to do it! :-)). This
> same box (whose IP is is also the mail server on which
> zmailer runs. 
> Anyway, the result is that mail going out from her system onto the
> internet is being addressed from heraccount@[@]. Yes, this is

Curious oddity with the router parser (showing that this above address 
form is bogus):

1/48 [12:14pm skye]:~>router -i
ZMailer router (2.99.10mea #1: Sat Jan 21 13:48:32 MST 1995)
Copyright 1992 Rayan S. Zachariassen
Copyright 1992,1993,1994 Matti Aarnio

z$ router louhills@[@]
<jmack.interactive@skye.Phys.UAlberta.Ca>: address: louhills@[@]
search_res: deferred: .17.53.1.@.in-addr.arpa: ptr (unknown server/no recovery) error
<jmack.interactive@skye.Phys.UAlberta.Ca>: deferred: NS:.17.53.1.@.in-addr.arpa/ptr: louhills@[@]
(((hold NS:.17.53.1.@.in-addr.arpa/ptr louhills@[@] default_attributes)))

I think it should really be:

z$ router louhills@[]
<jmack.interactive@skye.Phys.UAlberta.Ca>: address: louhills@[]
(((smtp [] louhills@server.blaze.net.au default_attributes)))
z$ ^D 

> antiquated and I realise that this should be avoided if possible.
> However, zmailer cannot deliver replies to that address, and winds up
> bouncing any mail to that address with the following: 
>   From mailer-daemon@blaze.net.au <date>
>   Received: from servder.blaze.net.au ([ ...
>   ..
>   Subject: Delivery problems with your mail
>   ..
>   Transcript of the session follows:
>   <smtp [] louhills@server.blaze.net.au 65535>: Trying to 
> talk with myself!

This error diagnostic is likely not originating from ZMailer, but comes 
from the Win95 machine's SMTP daemon (which machine you say IS misconfigured - 
sounds as if it even thinks it's IP address is   :-0 

>   ..
>   [rest of message follows]
> Now, the envelope as sent was to louhills@[]. Obviously
> zmailer has resolved that itself to server.blaze.net.au, which is
> correct. However, I'm guessing that this occurs /after/ the check for
> local delivery. To get around that, I thought that adding the
> "[]" to the $MAILCTL/db/localnames would get it to deliver
> locally anyway, but even this failed to work. 

is there any IP mapping in your routes file?, i.e.:

server.blaze.net.au	smtp!

(might cause more grief, however)

Are you using the "new" form of the localnames db ( or the "traditional" 
one, a la previous to ZM-2.98)? In standard.cf, the new form is:

  relation -lt ordered -f $MAILVAR/db/localnames -d pathalias thishost

whereas the old behavior (which I need to use for mapping to uucp) is:

  relation -lt unordered -f $MAILVAR/db/localnames -d pathalias -b thishost

(along with changes to the localnames format from 2 entries per line for 
the new format to a single entry per line for the older format):

localnames (old format):

You might try the older format and see if that fixes things for the
misbehavor (but best to fix the Win95 machine...)

> Despite being frowned upon, shouldn't this form of addressing work
> anyway?  Before I go through the process of looking at the .cf files
> again has anyone been down this path before and knows of a simple fix? 
> Certainly this user's configuration needs to be fixed, but given that
> I've tried several times including a painstaking Windows95-blow-by-blow
> over the phone session with the user, I'd still like to get this working
> in the meantime as I don't think the present behaviour is incorrect. 

How far away is the Win95 machine? - within walking distance :-)

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