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Re: Hack for smtpserver

>   The enclosed patch for smtpserver.c in 2.99.21 will relax checking of 
> the HELO parameter.  This patch adds a new command line parm "-h", which 
> restores smtpserver strong HELO checking.  With this addition, smtpserver 
> will never respond with more than one line to a HELO response, and never 
> refuse a connection due to a misformed domain (ie. containing spaces).
>   This should make dumb PC clients like EMC (whose authors haven't fixed 
> the continuation line bug in their product since informed about it, over 
> 4 months ago) and PMMail happier.
> Tom

	Hmm...  Patch applied into 2.99.22 sources
	(and I wish I had more time to spend on it,
	 "slow makes good" ?)

/Matti Aarnio