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Re: zmailer-2.99.21 on Solaris 2.4

> I have ~180 hosts that I want to hide and I don't want to have to list them
> all in localnames.  Is there an alternative?

	Are those hosts in subdomains ?  Or actually it should not matter..

------ $MAILSHARE/cf/standard.cf -------
# Change into this format (if not already)
relation -lmt ordered -f $MAILVAR/db/localnames -d pathalias -b thishost

Now having entries:

	.in.my.domain		in.my.domain
	www.in.my.domain	www.in.my.domain
	ftp.in.my.domain	ftp.in.my.domain

The order of lookups is:


It means, I think, that all hosts in "in.my.domain"-subdomain will fall
in, and become canonicalized as "in.my.domain" ...
It means also, that one can't have "separate.in.my.domain" with this
mechanism :-/

One way to alter this is to make do "routesdb" analysis before checking
on "thishost", and therefore giving explicite routes a change to act.
... but if you don't need such, all will be fine as things are.

(At utu.fi -- or rather cc.utu.fi -- we have one cluster of ZMailer
 sharing machines, and a couple dozen individual machines all around.
 There the only way to list the ZMailer sharing machines together is
 to explicitely list all of those hosts.)

> Thanks,
> Dan

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>