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Re: mail message filter for zmailer?

 > Procmail's current functionality does not allow header rewriting, so maybe
i guess you're excluding the "formail" command that comes with procmail?
it does do header rewriting.

 > For the interim, you can probably do something like this fairly easily using
 > procmail and/or perl, but on a user-by-user basis. I don't believe that there
 > exist any system-wide hooks unless you look at replacing mailbox and
 > funneling all of the local delivery though something of your own creation. 

i think procmail can be set up to _be_ the local delivery agent under
sendmail --- infact, sendmail 8.7 has hooks in it to support the "user+foo"
form of aliasing that can be easily used for filtering in procmail if
"user" subscribes to list "foo" as "user+foo".  it will strip the "+foo"
while processing, but hand the whole address on to procmail...

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