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Re: Data 250 error when sending from some winsock applications.

On Fri, 3 Nov 1995, Mikael Hugo wrote:

> When some of my customers try to send via winsock applications they get a:
> An error occurred talking to the mailhost (DATA): "250 Ok" 

  I've seen this with mail clients that don't understand continuation 
lines.  They don't provide a correct hostname, so Zmailer gives a 
multi-line warning.  However, the client only reads the first line, and 
leaves the rest in buffer, and everything keeps working until the client 
does a "DATA" command and gets a "250" response from a previous command, 
when it is expecting "343".

  Failure to reconize continuation lines violates RFC 821.

  BTW, this sounds a lot like EMC, as it has broken in this regard for 
months.  PMAIL for os/2 also has some interesting non-conformance bugs.

  I recommend Eudora for Windows users.  It very good in it's compliance 
to internet standards.