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Re: Strange determination of an error address in Zmailer 2.1.2

>  Periodically, our Zmailer 2.1.2 mysteriously decides to send an
> delivery (for no local user) error message to what I think is the
> wrong address -- not the SMTP Mail From: line, at least according
> to the logs. Does anyone have any clues what would cause this? Has
> anyone seen this before?

	I suppose I have seen it, though I didn't pay much
	attention to it...

	The Algorithm within router is such that when it needs to
	look up for an error return address, it picks them in order:

		Sender: ...
		Errors-To: ...
		MAIL FROM:<...>

	( router/rfc822.c:erraddress() )

	This, like Tom Samplonius noted, is according to RFC-822...
	(Well, "Errors-To:" I could not find..)

	... I too have been under impression that when SMTP-envelope
	exists, it has absolute override to any headers in the message.

>  I've attacked the relevant headers and log bits if anyone can
> see clues in them. Thanks in advance.
> 	- cks

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@utu.fi> <mea@nic.funet.fi>