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Re: Usernames with dots in...

[ On Fri, September 29, 1995 at 09:02:51 (+0200), Matti Aarnio wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: Usernames with dots in...
> > Unlikely but true.  For various reasons I want usernames of the form
> > xxx.yyy.  The trouble is that zmailer 2.99.15/16 get upset because they try
> > to map that to a realname and if that fails then to a newsgroup.  By
> > lightly hacking rrouter.cf in an obvious way I have got it to work but I
> > was wondering if there was a better way to do it.
> 	Real accounts with dots in them ?  Huh..

There, that's what still scares me about zmailer -- there are a number
of what in hindsight seem like silly assumptions.

Not to worry though, smail-3 also has some silly assumptions, such as
a current problem which fails to correctly match user-id's with
uppercase letters in them; not because it didn't try to, but because the
code lower-cases the passwd entries when it loads them in the hash
table, but *fails* to lower-case the mailbox string before looking it up
in the hash table.  I'm about to fix this bug.....

BTW, has anyone thought further on replacing the use of Bourne shell
syntax in zmailer with something more robust, such as Scheme, or even

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