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Re: zmailer no MX record bug??

-> > > MAIL From:<user@crap.com>
-> > >
-> > > The mail then goes into the zmailer system and then tries to connect to our
-> > > mailhost and the From is now: user@crap.com.aec.ca ?????????
-> > >              Where did this come from????   ^^^^^^
->   You DNS system has:
-> *.aec.ca.	IN MX 10 mailhost.aec.ca.
-> 		IN MX 20 aecgate.aec.ca.
-> That is why this is happening.  This entry will only match entries that 
-> have no other information (ie. no specific MX record).
->  Your resolver will take add the default domain (probably "aec.ca") from 
-> /etc/resolv.conf to _all_ lookups, before resolving.  With the wildcard 
-> MX recored, that always works.

We had this problem on Solaris 2, domain ke.sanet.sk too (we couldn't send
mail to .bitnet). We solved it adding
search ke.sanet.sk

into /etc/resolv.conf, but this didn't work on ConvexOS...and I've heard it
doesn't work for Solaris 2.5 too. SO BEST would be removind * from MX record
in DNS zone...

Did you try to send mail to *.bitnet ? Or just test where it would go using
router -i...

Matus Uhlar (fantomas,uhlar on IRC),
Computer Centre of Technical University in Kosice, Slovakia
E-mail: Matus.Uhlar@tuke.sk