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Re: Aliases question

On Mon, 3 Jul 1995, John Scharber wrote:

> I would like to create an aliases for only one user in a domain and have the
> rest of the mail forward to the proper MX record, any ideals on how to do this ?

  Forward to proper MX record?  Isn't it a bit late for that?  If there 
was a "better" MX record, the mail would be delivered directly to that 

> ---> Mail ----> zmailer -------> remote site
>                          \
>                         info: aliases
>                            \
>                             \----> different remote site.
> This is so that normal e-mail will get delivered to the site but e-mail
> sent to info@domainname.com get routed to a list server

  I was going to do this sort of thing by adding code in aliases.cf to 
map "special" addresses (ex. info@domain.com) into "info-domain.com", 
which would have an entry in aliases file.  But my additions caused the 
router to dump core, so I went to plan B......perl.