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Re: Router leaves a lot of zombies

> Hi!
> I am using Zmailer 2.99.14 (with older scheduler ;-) under Solaris 2.3 (and 2.4). 
> I have a problem with router generating lots of zombie processes.
> At the moment I am restarting router every now and then. But from time
> to time even this fails, since discusion lists can induce so many zombies,
> that there is impossible to fork any more. :-(
> Does anyone know the reason?

	Yes, the SIGCHLD processing.
	I don't remember offhand when I creted the current  zmsignal.h,
	but it was the solution to THAT problem.

	I think in theory just signal(SIGCHLD,SIG_IGN) will do it,
	but Solaris wants to use  sigaction() system.

> 	Jerzy
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