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Problems with scheduler

I have running zmailer-2.99.13 on Sparc10 4.1.3 machine.  It seems that the 
scheduler can't work properly.  If a message is sent to multiple recipents
on multiple hosts,  the scheduler starts transport agents to deliver only
some of these addresses while the remaining are NEVER to schedule.  I am 
quite sure that the unscheduled addresses are deliverable (the site is
not down).  Also, according to the mailq, some of these report "(waiting
for channel slot, expires in xxx)" status.  However, 'ps' shows channels
is still available for that address.  Anyway I have increased no. of
channels but it doesn't help.

I restart scheduler very frequent and hope to get rid of these.  However, 
it doesn't work if too many mail messages are queuing in the scheduler 

Is anyone running 2.99.13 have the same problem?

- Ken Lai, HKUST

Attached is one of the transport control file:

> i 8186-4
> o 114
> l <95Apr21.114320+0800_hkt.8186-4+1@ustsu24.ust.hk>
> e Operator <root>
> s local - root@ustsu24.ust.hk 1
> r       smtp stu.ust.hk cctest@stu.ust.hk 0
> r       smtp ee.ust.hk cctest@ee.ust.hk 0
> r       smtp cs.ust.hk cctest@cs.ust.hk 0
> r       smtp bi.ust.hk cctest@bi.ust.hk 0
> r+      smtp uxmail.ust.hk cctest@uxmail.ust.hk 0
> m
> Received: by ustsu24.ust.hk id <8186-4>; Fri, 21 Apr 1995 11:43:20 +0800
> From:	Operator <root@ustsu24.ust.hk>
> To:	cctest@stu.ust.hk, cctest@uxmail.ust.hk, cctest@ee.ust.hk, cctest@cs.ust.hk, cctest@bi.ust.hk
> Subject: test message
> Message-Id: <95Apr21.114320+0800_hkt.8186-4+1@ustsu24.ust.hk>
> Date:	Fri, 21 Apr 1995 11:43:19 +0800