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Re: HELP???

> I have been runing zmailer for several years now. But have just tried to 
> get it up and running on for one of the local service providers and have found
> a number of problems. I hope that these are just stupid oversights on my
> part.
> 1) I am running on Linux and zmailer-2.99.13
> 2) the problem seems to be that when mail is sent from the local system via
>    the address is not created properly.
> 	"MAIL From:<cathie@>"
>    it seems to not install the hostname???

	Oops, nobody considered pathological cases like this earlier ?
	Those configuration scripts do need a larger rewrite, btw..

> 3) if I run smtpserver as a regular deamon then it seems to die every now
>    and then. I do not know why and there seems to be no identifying marks
>    left in the logfile.

	I see this also.  On Linux kernels 1.1.72 thru 1.2.1.
	I suspect it to be more of Linux problem, than application one.

	At the moment I am trying to figure out, what is wrong with
	the scheduler.  It can loose its mind pretty easily, though
	so far I have been unable to trigger memory corruption :-/

> I have just subscribed to the mail-list so if you post any suggestions
> please cc: me also.
> Thanks in advance
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	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi>