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Help Configuring Zmailer

     Hi, I wonder if someone could offer me some help/advice on configuring 
     zmailer for our site.
     I would like to set up zmailer on our central mail machine so that it 
     does host hiding for our domain (I need it to strip out host 
     information from any of the header lines in the mail message)
     I have tried to configure it myself but allthough it seems to hide the 
     host on the from: line I've broken a couple of other features doing 
     so. :-(
     Our site is SMTP/Local delivery only with our central machine being 
     called mailhost.qsp.co.uk
     Ideally what I need is an SMTP/LOCAL only set of configuration files 
     that produce the required behavior, but I'd be willing to accept 
     hints/ideas for configuring these myself.
     Anyone able to help?