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HP-UX port?

Dear zmailer gurus:

I've just spent two days getting zmailer to compiler under HP-UX.  The
router is core dumping when asked to expand any address which has an
alias in the aliases database (all other addresses seem to resolve

I was wondering if anybody had any clues as to what might be going on.
I've tried debugging it but when it crashes there's no source available
and the file is unknown (I presume it's in a system call?).

The error is a memory fault.

One notable thing is that if I look up a non-aliased address before
trying to lookup an aliased address, then the alias expansion works
except zsh exits back to the regular shell with no message immediately
after printing the alias expansion.

If anybody has any hints at all or knows anything about porting
zmailer HP-UX 9.x I'd sure love to hear from you!