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Re: A few questions to zmailer

> and again problem with bitnet...
> I added 
> : ${BITNETACTION:='smtp earn.cvut.cz'}
> into mail.conf, but it still didn't work...
> Really, is that error not in DNS ?
> zone sanet.sk:

OK, I did not touch my mail.conf in cf/rrouter.cf you will find about
three lines like so:

rrouter.cf:            (.*)<@(.*)\.(bitnet|netnorth|earn)>(.*)

Remove the bitnet from them so that they read:

rrouter.cf:             (.*)<@(.*)\.(netnorth|earn)>(.*)

Then in the file routes add the following line:

.bitnet 		smtp!interbit.cren.net

or any host that is on the bitnet/knows how to route to the bitnet.  I
think you might want to find one in Europe rather than the example I
gave .... EARN probably has a host ?

test it by running router -i 

>router user@node.bitnet

and it should return with the default route.   

This should work OK....


> * IN MX computer
> that's not very good idea...
> -- 
> Matus Uhlar (Fantomas on IRC),
> Computer Centre of Technical University in Kosice, Slovakia
> E-mail: Matus.Uhlar@tuke.sk