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Re: Some comments...

>   Is there a good way of emulating Smail's smart_user directive (directs 
> local mail that doesn't match a local mailbox, somewhere else)?

	I am not sure of this, but I think the PUNTHOST is for this ?

# PUNTHOST is where mail that is supposed to go to a local address, but
# no such address exists, is punted to.
#PUNTHOST=      relay.cs

>   Is there a way of changing the timeout values for messages that cannot 
> be delivered because of DNS timeout?  It's sort of annoying to send mail 
> with a hostname typo that takes three days to be bounced...

Define  scheduler.conf  entry as:


where you set that HOLD-timeout into something else.
The patterns are those of Shell-GLOB.

> Tom

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi>