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Parallel delivery of a single message - possible?


I am considering installing Zmailer, and before I put effort on it,
I'd like to know if it helps in the following circumstances:

Imagine that I have a big mailing list, and it it critical to deliver
the postings _fast_.  When a message appears with many envelope recipient
addresses, all addresses are resolved and the message is scheduled for
delivery to multiple hosts.  Before this moment, processing cannot be
parallel.  But after the destination hosts are known, it is theoretically
possible to start multiple delivery processes, to transfer message to
many hosts at the same time.  I want to know if Zmailer will perform
delivery of a single message in parallel.  All MTA's that I tried before
(Sendmail 5.6+IDA, Sendmail 6.8, Smail) perform delivery from a single
process, one host at a time, which is unacceptable.

Thanks in advance.