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Re: Deliver to scripts...

On Sun, 19 Feb 1995, Tom Samplonius wrote:

>   Actually, the error is probably from mailbox, as mailq reports the 
> following:
> local/bounce-back:
>         373:    cannot fdopen(8) (retry in 45s, expires in 2h57m24s)

Since mailbox.c has:

        if ((fp = fdopen(fdmail, "a+")) == NULL) {
          DIAGNOSTIC(rp, EX_TEMPFAIL, "cannot fdopen(%d)", fdmail);
          return NULL;

you could likely find out what errno thinks the problem is from the
fdopen (i.e.ENOMEM, EMFILE, ENFILE, may be likely candidates), if there
was an errno call here...

But I bet it's a max files open problem. I just did a mailq to your 
machine, and there are quite a few open files - about 83 entries in your 
queue just now, so your system is likely running on the edge.

Can you reconfig your kernel to increase the open files count?

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