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Re: Deliver to scripts...

>   I've setup an alias to deliver mail to a script.  When I send mail to 
> it, the script is run, but scheduler complains about "Can't open fd", and 
> tries to deliver again and again.  What does a script need to do in order 
> to properly "accept" mail?

	I do it regularly -- mailserver@nic.funet.fi  is one example.

	Is the complaint: "cannot open fd %d for w." ?
	(Found in  scheduler/transport.c, and is only existence of
	 "open fd" anywhere in the transport-side programs.)

	If so, that means you have too many file-descriptors open
	in the system.  Possibly it indicates leakage of FILE*
	objects in the system, possibly something inherent to your
	system's STDIO library.   What the value listed in that
	report is ?

> Tom

	/Matti Aarnio