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Dump 2.99.13, and general comments about "scheduler -s"


	Below you will see my ChangeLog -- which does illustriate
	some points about things related to the  "scheduler -s",
	that is, running things in "subsubdirs" mode.

	Apparently, when using that this mode, each client MUST
	be run in "host oriented" mode, that is, MAILBOX (for
	example) should be run as:
		command="mailbox -r -h $host"

	However to avoid "$host" being "-", you do need my   proto/utu.cf/
	configurations, and how they treat local-address expansions.

	Debugging on this and several related things continues.

	Oh yes, I have - perhaps - found the reason, why some exotic
	messages appear to disappear.  Now they should become
	processed with "X-Illegal-Object:" -headers injected at
	suitable places..

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi> <mea@utu.fi>

---------------- ChangeLog since 2.99.12 ----------------

Thu Feb  9 20:28:22 1995  Matti E. Aarnio  (mea@oj287.astro.utu.fi)

	* Dump 2.99.13

	* router/rfc822.c makeLetter():
	    Process all headers, don't just SQUIRREL() away
	    when there is mal-formed envelope information.
	    This way the messages will not just disappear
	    into $POSTOFFICE/postman -directory.

	    One particular bogon format is perhaps detectable..
	    ">From ..." as the FIRST line.  Such case is possible,
	    when a faultly configured  sendmail/smail  feeds
	    our system via SMTP, but is configured to feed UUCP..

	* scheduler/transport.c:
	    Changed all references to number of open files in
	    the system to use common reference platform from
	    library call  resources_query_nofiles().

	    This mattered especially when the  cpids[]-array was
	    allocated by using   resources_query_nofiles(), and
	    other references to it were limited by  FD_SETSIZE
	    (for example), but THAT happened to be larger (like
	    2 or 4 times) than the allocation size...

Wed Feb  8 00:51:59 1995  Matti E. Aarnio  (mea@oj287.astro.utu.fi)

	* transports/smtp/smtp.c:
	    Yet one more loose thread on the SMTP connection closure
	    survivability.  (Detected by an SIGSEGV on NULL ptr..)

	* transports/mailbox/mailbox.c main():
	    New option: "-h 'hostname'"
	    Assists the success with scheduler configuration containing
	    "byhost", when scheduling this piece of email.
	    (Such scheduling may be used to run Zillion parallel
	     mailboxes -- "maxchan=20, maxhost=1, byhost", and thus
	     have each email recipient processed individually.
	     This REQUIRES that the router stores something personal
	     to each recipients "host"-field, not just "-"...)

	    When this option is not used, it defaults to the original
	    behaviour, where "mailbox" delivers ALL "local/*" -channel
	    emails of the file during one invocation.

	* transports/libta/ctlopen.c ctlopen():
	    Revised a bit the "Cannot open control file..." -message
	    by removing a potential `printf("%s",NULL);' -case..

	* libc/myhostname.c:
	    An extra indirection causing  getmyhostname() to yield
	    wrong data in place of FQDN hostname...
	    Hmm..  Wrestling it to be more commonly available,
	    (various platforms) was a bit difficult -- even inbetween
	    SunOS and Solaris-2..

	* transports/smtp/smtp.c:
	    Rewamped the connection tear-down code.  Now it SHOULD
	    happily use same connection for multiple emails.