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Re: Eudora clients

>   How do you convince the router to accept some external mail as being 
> from a local user?  Right now I get "external message claims local 
> origin" errors from Eudora clients.  I'm looking for a way to let the 
> router accept mail as local if it originates from a certain domain(s).

	You can silence it by using following in your  $MAILSHARE/router.cf:

	# Configure error logging (squirrel)
	squirrel -breakin
	squirrel badheader

	There is no way to convince it to accept such from only
	some sources, and complain all the rest.  It either complains
	all, or none..

> Tom

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>

PS: folks, OSF/1v3.0 in POSIXy/SVIDy-mode is a pain, but I will tame
	it yet, so that new ftp.funet.fi will have a mailer...