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Re: Sender and Return Path

> With the upgrade to 2.99.8 the Return-path and Sender are now always
> being set to:
> Return-Path: @foo.bar:daemon@list.cren.net 
> 				  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> and 
> Sender: "0000-Admin(0000)" <daemon@list.cren.net>
> Anyone have any ideas (System is Solaris 2.3)

	I do see the same with Solaris 2.3, but not on SunOS 4.1.3
	Oddly I see it only when running in DAEMON mode...

	"$MAILBIN/router -dt sequencer" produced this into the router log:
Parse envelope and message header
Stamp it with a trace header
Determine if message is a Resent-* type thing
It isn't...
Sender authentication
Sender isn't trusted
Generate an error message if an error occurred in parsing
Make sure Message-Id exists, for loop control
A sender was specified in the envelope
Replace the sender based on owner of file
Originating channel determination
We know sender is local and one of the peons
The From: is not the sender
Recipient determination
Nuke Bcc headers if any
<95Jan8.213512+0200_eet.165674-2+44@utu.fi>: file: 34665  <daemon> => <mea@oj287.astro.utu.fi>

	As you see, it isn't pleased with the sender authentication..

	... hmm .. and the next time around it IS trusted.
	(Same process, but the second message it routes..)

> /Marco

	/Matti Aarnio