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Re: Load-average based SMTP receiver blocking ?

You should check RFC821, and RFC1123 for ideas (on this, and on other things).

See page 37 of RFC821 -- connection establishment should result in either the
220 message, or a "421 <domain> service not available, closing transmission
channel" message.

RFC1123 section 5 (on SMTP) has suggestions for things like timeout values in
SMTP (and suggested implementations -- per "line" during data transfer, not on
the whole transfer, etc.)

1123 also says, "a receiver-SMTP SHOULD send only the reply codes listed in
section 4.2.2 of RFC821 or in this document"  (it cites the existance of
interoperability problems from use of codes that follow the theory, but aren't

PLEASE read over RFC1123, it's really worthwhile.