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Re: router barfing on (comment(comment))

On Dec 23, 12:30pm, Andy Poling wrote:
} Subject: router barfing on (comment(comment))
> I'm still running version 2.2 (no offense to Matti - I'm just too busy, 
> and 2.2 mostly works for us and I don't want to have to re-create all 
> the local magic in our cf files).
> Has anybody ever figured out why header lines containing addresses (To: 
> From: etc.) with comments containing"(" and ")" cause the router to die a 
> terrible death?
> I have some Start Trek fans who keep managing to nuke all 9 of our
> routers because they love to use comments within comments.  And it really 
> should be able to handle it.
> Even if I can find out how it's been fixed in the mea-* code (has it 
> been?), I could probably apply that fix to the 2.2 code...
> -Andy
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}-- End of excerpt from Andy Poling

Can you send me an example router input file that generates a core dump.
I haven't been able to duplicate this problem on our router.

We do have a problem with the router core dumping when the Sender: line
contains something like "[12]".

I would like to know if this problem exists in the mea version if not or 
if this is fixed in the mea version I sure would like to know the fix.
A sample input file would be:

to user
From: usera
Sender: user-[12]

Thanks, Edwin.
Seasons Greetings.