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Re:Help: Porting Zmailer to Linux

	I  just switched  from smail  to sendmail on  my Linux machine
(now delivering about 30,000 messages a day  with no real trouble) but
I forsee a need in the  future to deliver  over 100,000 messages a day
and  for  that kind  of load I'd  like  to use  Zmailer on a dedicated
machine.  There was  talk a while ago of   a Linux version  of Zmailer
that had been made available after Zmailer's notorious habit of eating
oodles of RAM was cured, but I haven't heard of anything since then.

	Is anyone  using  Zmailer under heavy   loads on a  Linux box?
Light loads?  At all? :-) I'd be very  interested in hearing about how
it performs...

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