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Re: Hostnames/Localnames

> We have a machine that has the real hostname office.demon.net.
> I want it to be able to accept mail for demon.net and so that when users
> email out the email address is user@demon.net and not
> user@office.demon,net.

	File  $MAILSHARE/db/localnames  lists (sort(1) ordered)  all
	valid names for the host -- all the names it can accept as its own.

	/etc/mail.conf  has usually the local presented names,
	that is the name the machine uses for itself:

		#  Zmailer host dependent information
		# Where am I?
		# Who am I?
		# What do I tell people?
		# World hack!
		# rrouter.cf uses these..
		: ${BITNETACTION:="smtp figbox.funet.fi"}
		: ${UUCPACTION:="smtp mail.eunet.fi"}

> At home I have a machine doublesix.domino.org and is it possible to have it
> accept mail for domino.org and anyhost.domino.org?

	You mean "demon.net" should accept it as its own, or accept
	it for inbound relaying ?  If the latter, you can do it with
	file (again sort(1) ordered), example:
		alfard			uucp!alfard
		alfard.cc.utu.fi	uucp!alfard
		alfard.utu.fi		uucp!alfard

> Am I right in saying there are two versions of zmailer?

	In what sense ?  There is old Rayan's version, my and Edwin Allum's
	versions, though they are not THAT different.

> Regards,
> Neil
> -- 
> Neil J. McRae                                 Demon Internet
> neil@demon.net

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi>