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MS-Mail SMTP gateway header problems

 I finally figured out that problem with going through the firewall..
little thing called 'world' DNS lookups..

anyway.. We have a MSmail SMTP gateway that is sending mail to our
mailhost running zmailer.. this is the messages that gets send to the postmaster
on mailhost.aec.ca..

Don anyone know how to strip out the SMTP: portion of the TO: field so that the
message will actually get to where it is suppose to go???

>From mailer-daemon@aec.ca  Tue Nov 29 21:25:22 1994
>Received: from sol.aec.ca by aec.ca id <137402-3>; Tue, 29 Nov 1994 21:25:11 -0700
>To:	<tpaquett@msmail.aec.ca>
>From:	The Post Office <postmaster@aec.ca>
>Sender: mailer-daemon@aec.ca
>Subject: Invalid message envelope information
>Cc:	The Post Office <postoffice@aec.ca>
>Message-Id: <94Nov29.212511-0700_(mst).137402-3@aec.ca>
>Date:	Tue, 29 Nov 1994 21:25:11 -0700
>Status: R
>The following message arrived with illegal envelope data, typically a
>mangled address that doesn't obey the RFC822/976 protocol specification.
>If you do not recognize the source of the bad header, perhaps you should
>contact a Postmaster at your site and ask why your mail was rejected.
>Your message is being returned unprocessed.
>The following annotated envelope headers illustrate the error(s):
>Error in "to" envelope address:
>	<SMTP:tpaquett@ita.lgc.com>
>	     ^-illegal end of route address, missing end of address
>Error in "To" header address:
>	"SMTP tpaquett@ita.lgc.com" <SMTP:tpaquett@ita.lgc.com>
>					 ^-illegal end of route address, missing end of address
>The entire original message file follows.
>rcvdfrom clavin017.aec.ca ([])
>with SMTP
>authinfo UNKNOWN@clavin017.aec.ca (port 2314)
>from <tpaquett@msmail.aec.ca>
>to <SMTP:tpaquett@ita.lgc.com>
>Received: by clavin017.aec.ca with Microsoft Mail
>	id <2EDC0AA6@clavin017.aec.ca>; Tue, 29 Nov 94 21:16:22 PST
>From: "Paquette, Trevor" <tpaquett@msmail.aec.ca>
>To: "SMTP tpaquett@ita.lgc.com" <SMTP:tpaquett@ita.lgc.com>
>Subject: test from msail as of 9:14
>Date: Tue, 29 Nov 94 21:14:00 PST
>Message-ID: <2EDC0AA6@clavin017.aec.ca>
>Encoding: 4 TEXT
>X-Mailer: Microsoft Mail V3.0