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Re: Zmailer Failure Running Large Listfiles


I am running zmailer on an Intel 310/20 and have been running a lot
of listfiles but have discovered that listfiles with over 125
subscribers exceeds the virtual memory of the system and causes
the entire system to totally crash.  After reviving it from the
dead I must delete all mail from the router/queue/transport
and start and stop the mailer several times before all is well.

The list I have problems with is EMPLOY.  It is a global list and
though I have sites put up mail reflectors it still has over 
700 individual subscribers on it.  What I did and found to work
was to make listfiles within listfiles, i.e., I chained them
by adding an employ1 to the end of employ and thusly.  Right
now I have 185 more subscribers to add and was wondering if I
might one day exceed this chaining procedure and wake up
with a total disaster on my hands.  

Anyone have any ideas, comments, recommendations etc.?  Thanks...
Robert (Bob) L. Stringfield      HQ USAREUR & 7A (ODCSPER)
CMR 420 Box 1687
APO AE 09063 
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army.mil or root@heidelberg-emh17.army.mil
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