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Re: dynamically linked zmailer ?

> Is it possible to link zmailer binariez dynamically ?
> It would safe a bit of memory, and I think It is always useful.

	I always do it dynamically, if the computer has them.
	However I won't make   libta.a et.al. dynamic libraries,
	I don't believe it to help in actuality when running
	dozens/hundreds of transport channel binaries in parallel.
	Their r/w data areas tend to dominate, and executables
	are in core only once anyway...

	PERHAPS some performance help can be gotten by  mmap():ing
	files in, that is using mmap() to read the spool file in
	instead of read().

> At next I would like to know, If it is possible to use aliases from
> NIS/NISplus with zmailer. Did anybody try this ?

	There is some support for it in the   router/libdb/yp.c
	however it doesn't look very good as all "YP=" defines
	on the hostenv files are comments...

	To see if it works, uncomment the "#YP=" from your hostenv,
	and "make it all" (literally! that re-makes the system)
	Use YP databases by declaring the "relation" as:
		relation -t yp ....

> Thanx
> Matus Uhlar,
> Computer Centre of Technical University in Kosice, Slovakia
> E-mail: Matus.Uhlar@tuke.sk

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi>