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zmailer 2.9x on BSDI 1.x?


I'm attempting to compile zmailer 2.97 under BSDI 1.1.  It's been
slow-going so far, of the fix-another-hiccup-and-two-more-take-its-
place variety.  I'm using the BSD4.3 hostenv as a template and the
stock cc (gcc 1.42) as my compiler, with the stock GNU make (3.70).
In the absence of working dbm/ndbm support for BSDI, I am using the
latest gdbm (1.9.3).

If anyone has a reasonable BSDI configuration or suggestions as to
what to tweak, I'd apprecaite it.  I get the feeling that I started
off with the wrong template as a base, but there's not an obvious
alternative that I've seen.  The one person that said he had a mostly
working BSDI configuration on the list didn't reply to my email.  :(

Please direct responses to me, and I will summarize to the list.  (I'm
currently not subscribed on the zmailer mailing list, but if I ever
get this compiled, I probably will be.  :) )

 Mike O'Connor, mjo@msen.com

"I'm just very selective about what I accept as reality."  -Calvin