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Re: Zmailer 2.97 and Linux compile question

> > nbdm.c is compiling, it complains that there are undefined symbols - 
> > they are all _dbm_*.  I am using the nameserver software that came 
> > with the slackware release.
> > Thanks, Murray
>     NDBM ?  I don't think I defined it in my example setup at all ??
>     Very least not in my  hostenv/Linux

I tried the whole thing again from scratch just to make sure.
I simply ftp'd the file, then copied the Config.linux to Config.
I then edited the SiteConfig file and made the appropriate changes.
I typed "make it all" and it compiled for 10 minutes or so until it 
tried to compile the router at which point I got many many errors 
with ndbm.c complaining about undefined _dbm_* symbols.
I didn't touch any other files.

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