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Zmailer 2.97 and Linux compile question


  I am trying to compile zmailer 2.97 on a linux 486/25 but it isn't 
going so well.  My linux is the latest "slackware" with a kernel 
1.0.9.  I don't know that much about C programming but I suspect that 
a library that I need isn't there.  I get lots of errors while 
nbdm.c is compiling, it complains that there are undefined symbols - 
they are all _dbm_*.  I am using the nameserver software that came 
with the slackware release.
Thanks, Murray

Murray Latter                            Phone: (902) 457-6460
Coordinator Network Services             Email: Murray.Latter@MSVU.Ca
Mount Saint Vincent University           Fax:   (902) 445-3960
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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