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Re: Very peculiar entries in smtp log file...

On Mon, 19 Sep 1994, Scott Ballantyne wrote:

> I just noticed these very odd entries in the smtp log. Anyone have any
> idea what they mean? As you can see, they are all 'read' log messages,
> ---------log file entries
> 10278r	%PAS-F-HALT, HALT procedure called%TRACE-F-TRACEBACK,
>symbolic stack dump follows
>module name     routine name             line       rel PC    abs PC

Since they are marked with an 'r', we can safely assume that they are
the distant host's responses. The "%" style of the messages is very
similar to VMS, so I'd bet it's a remote DEC VMS machine, probably
dumping core during your outgoing smtp chat with it.

(you might be able to cross ref the router log to see if a VMS host
 destination was logged close to the time in the smtp log)
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