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Zmailer 2.93 Stripping qoutes...

It appears that Zmailer is stripping qoutes from the From: line of
incomming mail.  I get mail on a machine running sendmail 8.6.9 with
the following From: Line ..

From: "AVS Inc. ListProcessor" <listproc@avs.com>

When the mail gets to the machine running zmailer (2.93 with the
patch), the following happens to the From: line ...

Illegal-Object: Syntax error in From: address found on yukon.cren.org:
       From:   AVS Inc.ListProcessor <listproc@avs.com>
                ^      ^-illegal period in phrase
                 \-phrases containing '.' must be quoted
From:   <listproc@avs.com>

I will go looking into where and why this is happening ...  But if
anyone can share some insight, it would be appreciated ...


Marco Hernandez