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mea's zmailer-2.93 is available..

.. file is named:

.. it is available at directories:
   (Latter one applies when it becomes copied into there)

.. address for reporting bugs in this release is:
   and place for general talk is:

.. it contains integrated support for:
	SunOS 4.1.x
	SunOS 5.2 (but everybody runs 5.3, and soon 5.4 ?)
	HPUX (8) -- integration isn't yet tested on HPUX
	and propably also works on:
		Ultrix*	(maybe needs patches ?)
	Partly started support also for IBM AIDS -- eh, AIX 3,
	but interested parties (with a machine, that is) should
	look at the  doc/aix-bsdport.ps -file.

.. and this time it has addressed these topics:

( From ChangeLog )

Tue Aug 16 17:04:43 1994  Matti E. Aarnio  (mea@oj287.astro.utu.fi)

	* Freezing and dumping 2.93mea

	* *.cf -files:
	    Processing of addresses which turn to be LOCAL to the
	    machine will with sample files (proto/cf/) produce
	    results like:
	    	(local nobody /dev/null 123)
		(local postmaster root 0)
		(local somealias "|/path/to/program args" 1234)
	    instead of the old style:
	        (local - /dev/null 123)
		(local - root 0)
		(local - "|/path/to/program args" 1234)

	* many files..
	    FINALLY the mystic crashes on "router recipient" got
	    explained.  Stdio uses its own file descriptors, and
	    it takes only so many (resource: filehandles) leaked
	    (non closed) stdio buffers to use them all up, and even
	    though there are lotsa free fd's, there is no free
	    stdiobuf..  Mainly  router/functions.c: run_listaddrs()

	    Now the beast is written in portable manner, which only
	    assumes UNIX fd semantics (and that  dup() and dup2() work)

	    Mystic  libc/__fopen.c -file becomes used, if you define
	    -DDEBUG_FOPEN, Then it traces the usage of stdio files..

	* router/functions.c: run_daemon()
	    Fixed the memory allocation/freeup.  Memory that gets
	    freed explicitely is to be picked up from  MEM_MALLOC
	    space, not from anywhere else (did cause some cores..)

	* libs/ -- all libraries, most Makefile's, ..
	    All library files (*.a) get collected into one directory,
	    the "libs/"-directory.

	* transports/libta/mimeheaders.c:
	    Occasionally a transported file had:
	    	Content-Type: text
	    which caused carelessly written code to crash when
	    subtype (as in "text/plain") was not present at all..

	* hostenv/SunOS4.1:
	    Define  GETDTABLESIZE so that  libc/getdtblsiz.c won't
	    get compiled into a code and thus override system library

	* hostenv/SunOS5.2:
	    Use only  "MAILLOCK"  on Solaris, not the LOCKF at all!

	* transports/mailbox/mailbox.c:
	    On Solaris the file locking shall not be used on
	    Incorporated  Edwin Allum's Solaris patches into
	    the code -- maillock() et.al.

	* transports/smtp/smtp.c:
	    Some minor tuneups on detecting when to downgrade headers,
	    and when not to.

	* libsh/interpret.c:
	    Under some conditions under-read varstack.  PURIFY test
	    use did help me to detect that at all..