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Re: anyone comipled zmailer v2.9 on AIX v3.2.5?

(this has propably wider interest, thus a copy to  zmailer@cs.toronto.edu)

> 	Matt, you seem to be coordinating the effort to Port Zmailer
> to various platforms.  Have you considered Linux yet?  I'm very
> anxious to see it ported, because right now I'm running smail and I'm
> starting a few mailing lists that are going to drive smail into the
> ground (and take my machine with it).  If I can be of any help, please
> let me know.

	I have considered, but at the moment the Zmailer has BIG router
	when it routes large email lists.  I am not yet sure as to why
	a 620 receipient list expands the router process memory into
	about 32 MB.  Such amount is too much for most common Linux
	machines -- it would be much for mine as well (32 MB RAM).
	That appears to have things to do with the execution model of
	the Z-shell, which is basis of all the operations on Zmailer

	So at the moment I see no real point in it.

	Umm.. Ok, running a list in smaller slices, say 50 recipients
	each and feeding those sub-slices from the main list processor
	thru invocation of some program, THAT might be doable, though.

	I have tried to avoid running a message thru a processing program,
	like it is done so many times on  sendmail, and  smail,  but maybe
	there is no real alternative..

	The Zmailer is smart when it comes to handling a transport queue,
	but the routing is at the moment a very sticky subject in deed..

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