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mea-2.92 is out...

Well, minor cleanups mostly, but also a couple bug-fixes.

I am yet to see if I was able to squeeze interpreter memory usage,
but at the moment I am a bit in doubt.

I have run the code with Purify (an evaluation copy) and am unable
to generate the problem that apparently keeps blowing my routers
after a prolonged period of running.

It appears that having ALLOCA defined in one's host configurations
is essential for getting this thing working -- or that a lack of it
causes quick crashes..

The  alloca()  should be universally available, so I am tempted to
consider it a non-option, that is it will become used always.

Oh yeah,   Dan Ehrlich  noted that he will copy my new versions to
his directory so that you others don't need to spend 30 minutes
at getting this 1.5 MB file...  ftp://ftp.cse.psu.edu:/pub/src/zmailer/current/
Which is optimal for you in USA/Canada, others are welcome to

		/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>