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Re: vacation

> Has anyone gotten the vacation program (the one that comes with zmailer) 
> to work?  Something bounces back saying "mail to program disallowed".
> Thanks.

	See if:
		- ~user -directory has protection wider than 755
		- ~user/.forward has protections wider than 644
		- ~user/.forward is not owned by the same user as
		  ~user -directory is (~user can be owned by the root)

	Actually the checkup code is envious of finding group-write
	(or world-write) bit on ether the directory, or the file.

	End result of such finding is that the system won't accept
	the owner of the .forward as user under which the continued
	processing will occur, and when the "mailbox" gets such
	"-2" (nobody) addressed message, it gives a failure message
	on basis of suspecting it to be an attempt to circumvent

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