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Re: zmailer - memory leaks

> I have shown the purify output to a wiz-bang c programmer
> and he indicated such problems are hard to locate if you do
> not know the code.
> This is to ask for your assistance.

	.. and I have to reply at the moment that I can't do a thing
	on it for the next week -- I will be out from the network for
	that while at a Finnish Radio Amateur Summer Convention..
	(I happen to belong into the club organizing the convention this
	 year...  The organizational frenzy is accelerating all the time :) )

	Anyway, thanks for providing the Purify outputs.
	I did ask if my university would buy that product, and
	the reply was: "It was offered to us, but its price was
	too high for us.."  Ah, well..

	If I have time today, I might fix something, but there are so
	few hours left before the big wheel starts to run :-)

		/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi>